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Geothermic Solar Wind Turbine Micro Turbine

Deltech Ltd. offers a range of energy services with you the end-user in mind. Your corporate, business or community needs can cover solar, geothermic, wind and micro-turbine systems.

We advise on energy technologies that are state-of-the-art and proven to national and international standards: TUV, CSA, UL and Sandia bodies.

For approved clients we can provide:

- feasibility and

- return-of-investment studies

- project management

- we can advise or represent you on:

- grant applications, global and local

- energy sourcing

- new products purchase and installation

- system maintenance

In our contract with you we provide continuous live data to show how the system is saving you money. This project data can range from ‘’how many sun hours per day/month/year’ at your specific locations to ‘how many Kwh generated per day/month/year’ from your wind turbine farm.